Starting a business is no easy feat. Now that you've found your passion in baking and mastered your skills, it's time to learn the steps to turn that passion into a real business. Here are some resources to help you along the way. Remember, none of this information will work unless you do! You will only level up in your business by taking daily ACTION and IMPLEMENTING what you learn! Congratulations on taking the next step to learn the necessary business knowledge to grow your business. Many blessings along your journey!


Rob & Jen Morris

Founders of Cupcakeology

Creators of The Start Small Win BIG Academy 

think like a ceo-bakers edition

What If We Could Show You How To...


This Special Limited Edition eBook Written FOR BAKERS, BY BAKERS With

OVER 100 Pages of detailed ACTION STEPS will set your business up for growth and expansion. 

You'll also learn about our top funding source that helped us take Cupcakeology from a small cupcake hustle to a Multi Six-Figure, National Brand!


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Think like a ceo

Think Like A CEO and Run Your Business Like A Corporation


Transitioning your 'Side Hustle' into a full time business is no easy task and can be pretty intimidating, especially when you have no idea on where or HOW to start. You have a special talent and the world is waiting for you!

So don't delay your dreams of owning your own retail business, and begin living life on your OWN terms, any longer.



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7 low cost ways to make extra money in your business



Learn how we incorporated PASSIVE INCOME within our bakery business๐Ÿค‘ We're told to create a minimum of 7 streams of income. Here are 7 different ways for you to start!

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Learn How To Write An Effective Business Plan For Funding And Business Longevity

Writing a business plan is NO JOKE! But even before getting to the writing process, you may be thinking, "What the heck is this for and what the heck do I put in it"๐Ÿ˜ณ Does this sound familiar? 

In this template, we list every section required in a business plan. We also very clearly explain how to plan and take action on every section in your business plan so that you will learn the ins and outs of your business as you go along. 

Not only will you know how to write an effective business plan to be able to request funding from a lender, you will also become a more knowledgeable business person who will be ready to build a strong foundation for a long lasting LEGACY๐ŸŒŸ

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GET THAT MONEY๐Ÿ’ฐ Ultimate Small Business Funding List

Lack of funding?

Not your problem anymore! 

We got you covered with our Ultimate Small Business Funding List! 
This list includes 3 different investor list that cater to small business owners, like yourself, who would otherwise have difficulty securing funding to open and expand your business.
Even if you have a low credit score, these investors will still lend you the money you need to take your business to the next level! 
It's time to start playing BIG, so GET THAT MONEY๐Ÿค‘


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