Teaching Kids STEM & STEAM Through Baking

Perfect for children ages 5-18. 


Our Mission

The goal of our STEM baking initiative is to inspire kids to discover a passion for math & science, broadening their horizons to exciting future possibilities in STEM careers. We believe that baking can become the canvas for creativity and a space where kids can feel free to experiment, explore & invent which can unlock extraordinary potential.


Cultivating an early interest in STEM will destigmatize the idea that STEM is complex or boring, making it accessible and exciting for all! Not only are we teaching baking skills; we’re fostering an early love of math & science in a fun and delicious way while inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers and innovators.

Real World Connection

We introduce the fundamental principles of STEM & STEAM through the art of baking, allowing students to explore the magic of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the kitchen revealing how these same principles connect in the world around them.


Baking Science Fundamentals

Students will unravel the mysteries of chemical reactions that make bread rise, discover the physics behind perfect pastries and explore the biology behind microorganisms and bacteria, transforming baking into an engaging and fun science experiment.


Measurements and Math

We seamlessly incorporate mathematical concepts into baking, from precise measurements of ingredients, understanding scaling with fractions and ratios to exploring geometry in slicing and designs, demonstrating how math is a vital part of baking and culinary arts.


Technology & Tools

We introduce students to the world of baking technology, exploring kitchen appliances, thermometers, and other tools. They learn to safely and effectively utilize these instruments, bridging the gap between baking and modern technology.


Our STEM/STEAM baking classes are perfect for children ages 5-18. Lessons are expertly tailored to meet the unique learning needs of each age group, ensuring that every student, from our youngest bakers to our high school participants, finds the perfect balance of challenge and fun in their baking journey.

LIVE Virtual STEM/STEAM Baking Classes

What Parents are Saying:


My kids had a blast learning how to measure, mix and bake with Jen! I'm blown away and can't wait for the next class!

-Vanessa Washington, PA


My son learned all about the chemistry of combined ingredients, preparing supplies, counting out measurements and best of all, enjoying some yummy desserts! I was really impressed by Jen's teaching style & that she celebrated their learning journey at all ages. 

-Jantra James, PA


Jen has an electric energy that kept the kids engaged the entire time. The kids laughed and learned with each other and then we enjoyed some Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns! Jen makes learning so much FUN!

-Kendra Marion, FL

About Jen Morris

Jen, a homeschool educator and baking business owner, developed a math & science curriculum using baking as a non-traditional approach to address the unique needs of her neurodivergent son with ADHD, empowering him to excel academically. 

Seven years later, she has nurtured his love and passion for STEM, and at 16 years old, he excels in college-level math and science courses, working toward a degree in electrical engineering and astrophysics. 

Most recently, Jen has refined her STEM baking curriculum for her middle school aged daughter and is now sharing this engaging approach with kids and teens everywhere to spark their curiosity for math & science through the joy of baking!

With a mission to eradicate the perception of math as boring and science as a difficult subject, Jen aspires to engage kids in underserved and historically underrepresented communities, narrowing the STEM education gap, and empowering them by introducing the exciting possibilities of a future STEM career that might otherwise seem unattainable. 

Unlock your students' potential and ignite their passion for STEM with our unique, innovative and hands-on baking curriculum. Contact me today to discover the remarkable results and transformative impact we can bring to your school or organization.

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