Rob & Jen Morris from Cupcakeology

Who is Rob & Jen? The Cupcake King & Queen of Cupcakeology!

Rob and Jen met while working together at what was know as, The Old Country Buffet, as teenagers. Although they quickly became good friends, their paths weren't quite aligned yet, until 4 years later when they were reunited by a mutual friend. 

Rob and Jen shared the affinity for over-the-top desserts. However, there were no bakeries in their hometown of, Collingdale, to indulge in a good slice of cake, or two! Hence, the birth of Cupcakeology!

With Jen's great passion and love for exotic desserts, and Rob's restaurant managerial training and corporate food production skills, the super moist and uniquely flavored cupcakes had spread throughout the city, state and even country. Cupcakeology's cupcakes had even graced the tongue of Mr. Steve Harvey, as he indulged in a Peach Ciroc cupcake on his talk show, The Steve Harvey Talk Show! 

Although Rob & Jen didn't have the guidance or a blueprint of their own to know how to start a bakery out of their small home baking business, they resorted to what they did know, corporate food production and business strategy. Implementing those exact strategies into their bakery business plan gave Cupcakeology a strong foundation that was able to outlast every economic downturn that arose during their decade in business.   

Cupcakeology was a family owned and operated bakery. When their customers walked through their pink door and the sweet aroma of homemade desserts embraced their nose, they were greeted with a warm smile by one of their family members whose sole purpose was to make the customer's experience effortless and pleasant. Their goal was to not only offer one-of-a-kind desserts, they offered an experience so memorable, that their customers would allow them to continue to share in their families special occasions for years to come, and they did just that.

Cupcakeology was a staple not only in their immediate community, but all throughout the tri-state area and even became a destination stop for "out-of-towners" thanks to their appearance on The Steve Harvey Show and their cupcake booth in the Philadelphia International Airport. 

Recently, Rob & Jen felt the calling to serve on a bigger level. They spent the last 10 years growing and running their own successful and profitable bakery, but now it's time for them to teach other bakers and food makers, what they've learned, so they can start a professional and successful bakery or food truck business of their own. 

As of January 2021, Rob & Jen closed the doors to their retail bakery to fully commit themselves to mentoring and coaching aspiring bakery and food owners towards opening their own dream bakery or mobile business. Inside their coaching program, bakers are learning how to transition their home baking business into their very own profitable and successful bakery, online business, food truck and wholesale operation in just 8-10 weeks! Rob and Jen hold daily LIVE coaching calls to ensure their students progress towards each stage of the business process.

They also offer private coaching to entrepreneurs in the food industry who need more hand holding during their start up process or need personalized, scalable systems created for their already established store to elevate their business and profits!

Not only do their clients learn how to start their business, they also become much stronger business owners to be able to turn their business into a brand for a long lasting legacy! 


Cupcakeology Press

The "Art Of Storytelling" is one of the lessons we teach our students in the Start Small Win BIG Academy. 

When you create and MASTER the art of telling your own story, the EXPANSION and GROWTH of your business and brand become unstoppable!

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