How To Bake A Banana Cream Cake From Scratch! No Sifting or Measuring Involved!

Banana Cream Cake

This banana cream cake is a mix of the "Summertime" song by Will Smith and Wildwood beach at the Jersey Shore! Its an absolute summertime must-have! And if you are thinking that you need to reserve an entire day to bake it, guess again. Anything baked from our homemade Cake Batter is a simple, open, scoop and bake! Even a contestant on the Netflix original show, Nailed It, could handle that and come up with the amazing result of a perfectly moist, tender and flavorful cake!

Measure out 1.25lbs of vanilla Cake Batter in each 8" cake pan. Bake it at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean. While the cake is baking, this is the time to prepare your vanilla pudding mix and slice your bananas. And to make sure this cake is just as light and delicate as the banana pudding dessert, I used a fresh whipped cream frosting. Its always best to add a stabilizer to ensure your whipped frosting will stand nice and firm. Not that it will last long enough to start to droop anyway!

Once the cake is out of the oven and done cooling, its time to tort and fill. Each bucket of Cake Batter yields 2 8" cakes almost 2 inches high. So I sliced each layer in half and made 3 layers of pudding and sweet banana slices. Be sure to make a ring on the outer edge of the cake with your whipped cream frosting so that your pudding won't slide out of the sides of the cake. Then, decorate the sides of the cake with your desired decorating style, but leave the top of the cake open to spread one more layer of pudding. Arrange your Nilla Wafer cookies in a circle starting from the outside going in. Then seal the edge of the pudding with a pretty border! Add a dollop of whipped cream in the center and add one more cookie for presentation purposes.

Banana Cream Cake

Now its time to show off your hard work! Or at least act like it took you all day to bake this masterpiece even though it didn't! Its our little secret!


Vanilla Cake Batter

5.1oz Jello Pudding mix

2% milk

Heavy Whipping Cream

Dominos Confectioners Sugar

3 Bananas

Nilla Wafer Cookies

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Kitchen Food Scale

8" Wilton Cake Pan


Disposable Piping Bag 18 inch

Ateco Star Tip #826

Mini Glass Bowls

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