Easy to Make Ice Cream Layer Cake

What would you do for a(n)...Ice Cream Cake? Don't test me! Especially when it's covered with a crunchy Magic Shell!

The summer season is about to expire for the year, but we had to give you one more ice cream and cake recipe before the leaves start falling too hard. This recipe takes ice cream and cake to another, much elevated, level. Once your spoon cracks though the crunchy, chocolate shell, its met with creamy ice cream and super moist cake. Your taste buds are jolted by the pure anticipation of the experience its about to encounter. For a moment, you flash back to a childhood birthday party memory and wonder if you're dreaming, but its so real. Then, spoon to mouth, you become acquainted with the initial crunch, then velvety texture of the chocolate shell as it blends in with the cold ice cream and then it happens, the bold vanilla flavor and still very fluffy texture of the cake completes the party that is going on in your mouth! And the BEST part about that entire experience is the easy to use, pour and bake Cake Batter! After all, who has to time to bake cake from scratch anymore, but we all still LOVE that nostalgic taste it has!


Vanilla Cake Batter

Ice Cream

Magic Shell


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Follow link for video tutorial: https://youtu.be/p88eum6bAsQ

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Wilton Cookie Tray

Glass Bowls

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