Taste the History

Cupcakeology's desserts embodies years of family history. You'll taste the story of a young southern woman making her way up north to build a life of love and opportunity for her family in our Me-Mom's Sweet Potato Pies. You'll taste the unconditional love of a grandmother for her grandkids in our Coconut Custard pies. In just one bite of our Southern Peach Pie's and Apple Pie Cakes, your taste buds will hone in on the years of hard work, experience and passion of the owner, Mr. Cupcake. With each drizzle, sprinkle or glaze that completes every one of our desserts, you'll be sure to encounter a five star experience!


Homemade Pies:

Homestyle Apple $15.00

Cherry Walnut  $15.00   

Caramel Apple Crumb $15.00

Blueberry Apple Pie $15.00

Cranberry Apple Pie $15.00

Southern Peach $15.00

Peach Crumble w/ Maple Rum Glaze $15.00

Me-Moms Sweet Potato Pie $20.00

Sweet Potato Pie Cake $25.00

Apple Pie Cake $25.00

Carrot Sweet Potato Pie Cake $25.00

Coconut Custard Pie (Seasonal) $15.00


$3.00 each

Party Trays: 1 Dozen Large $39.99

                2 Dozen minis $34.99

Soft Cookies

Chocolate Chip~Oatmeal Raisin~Sugar $.75 each

Party Trays: 2 Dozen $22.99

Contactless Delivery

  • Fresh desserts, safely, to your door 

  • $10.00 up to 4 miles, $15.00 up to 8 miles, $20.00 up to 10 miles (Zip Codes)

  • $20 minimum order

  • Delivery between 10am-6pm (Must order by 5:00pm)

  • Click here for ordering details

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