Your DREAMS Are Valid

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Your dreams are valid
Originally posted March 24, 2019

We dreamt all of the time as kids! We just knew our DREAMS were VALID and no one could tell us any different!

If we believed that we were princesses, we were! If we wanted to fly like Superman off of the landing onto the couch, that was all the way across the room, we made it happen! You may have even dreamed of becoming the first astronaut in space that had an ice cream stand for all of the other astronauts to enjoy ice cream while on their mission in space! Whatever your dreams were, no one would DARE to tell you that it couldn’t happen or try to invalidate them. After all, you were just a kid and you would come to your senses when you become an adult.

But why? Why are we expected to stop dreaming as adults? Why can’t our dreams STILL BE VALID? You may no longer dream of flying across your living room floor like Wonder Woman, but your dreams may be to quit your job and travel around the world with, Doctors Without Borders, healing the sick. Or start an animal shelter in your neighborhood so that the stray dogs and cats can have a safe place to go to stay warm and don’t starve. You may even want to quit your job to become a stay-at-home mom because you miss your children soooo much, but you have absolutely NO IDEA how you’re gonna do it. You just know that is what your heart DESIRES!

Whatever your dreams in life may be, they are STILL VALID! The only difference from childhood to now is, we MUST have a plan in place to make our dreams become a true reality. But please don’t be shy or ashamed of having dreams. That’s what keeps us alive! That “HAPPY place”  that pops in our heads multiple times a day! The tingle in our hearts when we think about it possibly becoming a reality. Well, take the “possibility” out of it and start telling yourself, “This is totally possible and I’m going to do whatever I gotta do to make my DREAMS come TRUE”!

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"Your MINDSET is a POWERFUL tool!  Use it to transform your thought process into a positivity magnet!"

Your mindset will be the very thing that will make or break your journey towards living out your dreams!

The very first step is to wholeheartedly believe that your dreams WILL come true! You must claim it, say it and put it out there on a consistent basis! Shout it off the rooftops, well, maybe not literally, but you know what I’m sayin’! And I’m telling you, once you ALLOW yourself the OPPORTUNITY to make your dream come true and VALIDATE IT YOURSELF, a feeling of joy and excitement fills your body and shoots out through your fingertips! Because you have just completed STEP ONE! And that may just be the hardest step. Because once we became adults, we were told to STOP DREAMING and snap into reality. Well guess what, with a complete paradigm shift, careful planning and LOADS of hard work, your dreams WILL BECOME YOUR REALITY!


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Have you ever heard of Newton’s Third Law? Where it states, “For every Action, there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction”. That simply states, when you put out positive energy, positive energy will come right back to you. When you put out negative energy, you get negativity in return. You get where I’m going with this right?

I used to be a “negative Nancy”. It’s actually hard for me to remember this because of my recent paradigm shift, last year.

  • Paradigm meaning: A distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field. 

Using a number of tools and lots and lots of prayers, I had to totally change my thought process towards life in order for me to get on the right track towards my dreams. My main tools were The Bible and Think and Grow Rich, a book by Napoleon Hill that taught me how to transform my thought process, in a step-by-step, format. It’s a must read that should be revisited yearly, in my opinion, as a reminder. I highly recommend this book!

I became very intentional with how I reacted to what life threw at me. I took a second to find the positive in every situation. You will be surprised at how many, negatively perceived, situations you can find positivity in. Because that’s exactly what it is, “perception”. CHANGE IT! Once you make that shift, the universe will start introducing you to more positive people, outcomes, thoughts and most importantly, positive changes!

If you continue to think negatively, that’s what you’ll continue to get. And your dreams will move farther and farther away.

But it’s not easy and it won’t happen overnight! You have to put that work in. But you’ll know when the shift is happening because others around you will notice first.


We are human and we tend to snap back into our old ways. Because of that, we need to have a constant visual aid of our dreams and the road to get there, as reminders.

  • Vision Board
  • Affirmation Notes
  • Motivational Quotes

For a long time, I never knew the concept of a vision board. I used to think it was silly to have random pictures of magazine clippings and sayings all over the place.

Now, my ENTIRE sliding closet door is a vision board that I look at every morning I wake up, in the middle of the day and before I go to bed at night. Vision boards act as a constant reminder of why you are working so hard. When times get rough, and they will, be sure to take a look at your vision board. Build your excitement and motivation back up, regroup and keep it moving.


  • Photos of items that pertain to your dream
  • Motivational and inspirational quotes
  • Things you want to accomplish
  • Material things you may want to have
  • Checks written in the amount of money you may want to earn
  • Articles of clothing you may see yourself in
  • Photos of people you may see yourself with

Affirmations are also important to keep repeating to yourself. It may sound silly at first, but you will get used to it. You will need to keep reminding yourself of how WORTHY you are to be the recipient of your dreams. And that it’s not just meant for others and not you. We see other people living out our dreams everyday ~thank you social media~. But reading daily affirmations will give you the strength, courage and validity you need to keep going.

Don’t stop dreaming now, My Luvs! There are a whole world of opportunities out there and, prayerfully, a whole lifetime to grab it! You are worthy of all that this world has to offer. Like Beyonce said, “Dream it, Work Hard and Grind ‘Til You Own It, SLAY”!