You Are Worthy Of Starting A Business Of Your Own

business tips Mar 18, 2021
You are worthy of starting a business of your own
Originally posted March 17, 2019


Do you ever feel like you aren’t WORTHY of starting a business of your own? Maybe you don’t have any money saved. And NO ONE in your friends and family circle know ANYTHING about starting or running a business. You are the ONLY one that has come up with the CRAZY idea to start a business and there is no one around to help you, so you feel HELPLESS and LOST! So much so, that you may think that your dream of owning your own business is an unattainable pipe dream!

WELL IT’S NOT! And you are TOTALLY worthy of starting a business of your own, despite what you don’t think, you have to make it happen.






I’m here to tell you when Rob and I dreamt of opening CupcakeologyI thought it was a dream MILES away from being attainable. I mean, we ONLY had two nickels to rub together! We were young with two young children and a daycare bill that was higher than our current mortgage payment. There was no one, we knew, for us to sit down and talk to and no clear guidelines to follow. YES! The internet is FULL of information, but I had no idea where to even start. We would be FIRST GENERATION business owners and it was all up to us to figure this thing out.

However, one thing was for sure, between the two of us, we had the skill set to make it happen. And we didn’t need anyone for that. As long as we knew what we were capable of doing and willing to do, there was a chance to make our dreams of becoming business owners a reality!

The same is true for you! You have a skill, a talent, and the passion to use both of them to make the world a better place by solving a problem. {And you know this because you’ve read our last post: 5 Ways To Know You Are Starting The Right Business}. If not, it’s a MUST READ, so click the link after reading this post!

Rob and I knew we had to TAKE ACTION and just START! {Another post you MUST read: Take Action To Live A Life Of Happiness} We had to figure out our own path. Wow! Writing this, I’m remembering how crazy those times were. It certainly wasn’t a clear path! Our path was windy, curvy, sometimes dark and scary, but we had the passion and determination to ‘weather the storms‘.

~Take action to start building your own entrepreneurial journey! You are unique, your path will be unique and your business is unique~

That didn’t mean we didn’t get hurt along the way. Oh no, we definitely scraped our knees and broke a few limbs, but we are still standing…standing strong, I might add! But that’s the entrepreneurs’ journey. And no two paths are the same; no two outcomes are the same, but there are similar attributes that every entrepreneur possesses and similar business models that can and will get you on the road to starting a business of your own!

So stop looking at everyone on social media and TV as if they have something that you don’t and get it out of your head that everyone else can do it but you. Because that is so far from the truth. Starting today, you are going to take action by doing 3 small but very important steps!


  1. Do market research to see if your business is viable and if people are willing to pay for it
  2. Map out your business plan
  3. Account for all of your finances that could be used to start your business


That’s it! Do not overwhelm yourself by doing too much at one time! Take it step-by-step!


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