September 19th 12:00 pm EST

With an ENCORE presentation 

September 20th 12:00pm EST


Let's cut to the chase! Why would you join this event? Watch this👇


This is the most crucial time for you to take BACK the reigns of your life, and start living it exactly how you want to! 

Right now you might be thinking, "I don't know what to do next, I don't know how to get unstuck, I don't know how to move forward and still support my family, I'm exhausted and completely burnt out." You know! Driving yourself completely crazy!

Trust me, I get it. Not everyone wakes up with the idea to start a bakery business then a blueprint just magically appears before them! But I promise you that if this vision appeared for you and the passion just won't go away, you were meant to be on this road. I know because the same thing happened to me. 

I used to think I'm just an average girl who loves to create unique flavors with cupcakes with this really HUGE vision to spread my recipes all over the world and become super wealthy & influencial like Jay-z & Beyonce, but in the back of my head, I knew it would remain just a dream because I didn't know anyone around me who did anything out of the ordinary, was wealthy or owned a business for that matter🤦‍♀️ 

Me and my husband spent the first 7 years in business doing THE MOST, trying to figure out a way to have our business taken seriously like other businesses around us, balancing marriage, kids and business, and just trying to create something so totally different than what we both saw in our family and friends circle. It was tough!


We dedicated our life to consistently studying the top CEOs of retail food businesses and took action amidst our fear until we became experts in the retail economy and business world! 

Our extreme dedication to learning the business side of our baking business afforded us a multiple six figure business that gave us the opportunity to grow our wealth using other assets, a nationally known brand that is now working in our favor with our future endeavors with our recipes and products, and a platform to teach and inspire other food related retail entrepreneurs on how to start a business of their own.

So I know for a fact and with experience that right now, more than ever, you need the right strategies & guidance to start, grow and build your retail or wholesale bakery empire! And this is exactly what you will learn how to start inside this training class!

I can't wait to see you there! 

Get FREE Access to the 9/19 Class
Get FREE Access to the 9/20 Class